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Play Online Bingo - No. In order for the donations to be made, members are required to sign-up for the first time at one of our partner sites. If you already have an account at the same site, the program will not take effect. So, if you wish to join, please choose a different bingo site.

Normally I am quite a positive person, so much so that it has been suggested I do motivational speaking and am now considering adding that to my repetoire of offerings. It is just that some aspects of my life had been clinging to past habits that did not allow me to see what was right here for me... but no more.

Not knocking 'old school bingo', but playing bingo online is clearly far more user-friendly than using bingo shutter cards or bingo cards requiring daubers or chips!

Now he's a committed bingo player. He was shocked that he scored such a big win after only playing for two months, but said: "I'll definitely continue playing bingo now!"

Now, for some bingo player strategies. It’s all the luck of the draw if you ask me but many players feel otherwise. I recently took a survey of online bingo players to find the following:

Of 204 not-for-profits to show interest, including schools, churches and environmental, athletic and arts-related organizations, 43 have been given the go-ahead to host the games.

Often gamblers on a winning streak will increase the size of their bets and go broke quickly. They justify big bets when they are ahead because they are "playing with house money." Please! Any money you win is your money. Re-betting winnings is called "churn" by casinos. Churn is the reason why any casino operator can sleep well every night. There aren't many gamblers who quit when they are ahead.

OLG is providing valuable support to the many charitable and not-for-profit organizations that raise funds through bingo. OLG offers bingo centres the option of offering a series of bingo games that we link electronically, allowing players at various locations to play simultaneously for large prizes. Our BIG LINK BINGO games are available at numerous bingo centres located across the province. OLG is also currently conducting a bingo revitalization project that offers the fun and entertaining option of playing traditional bingo games electronically on computer screens, while also offering exciting new facilities and a focus on customer service.

On June 23rd and 24th, the bingo player that wins the most amount of games in the High Roller and Quarter rooms at Bingo Palace will be $5,000 better off for their troubles.

On Wednesday, July 12 Bingo-boy previewed two songs written by Jamie Karen and himself. He met Jamie when she played the role of Linda Lovelace in a workshop production of his musical "Lovelace: The Musical" and discovered her great talent. Jamie and her husband Mark Deklin performed "It's A Good Thing" for both shows and Jamie soloed on "The First Time" for the second show. Bingo-boy and Jamie are now lining up offers for the songs and plan to run away with all the loot they make. Okay, Mark can come too.

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